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Privacy Policy is dedicated to providing an uncluttered and private search experience. To that end, this website collects virtually no information:

Personally Identifiable Information

The only information collected through is through any email that users may decide to send to inquire about a topic, report an issue, or request a feature. The email will be used to respond to the inquiry, but will not be sold to any third parties. Each person sending an email with an inquiry will be personally and manually asked whether the email may be included on a mailing list. The process will not be automated in any way. The email can be removed from the mailing list at any time by sending in an email request or unsubscribing from the list included in any bulk email communication.

Personally Non-Identifiable Information collects no analytics information?no traffic analytics software (e.g. Google Analytics) has been installed.

Even though the searches conducted on keep you shielded from (which is the search engine used to serve the results on this site), once a link is clicked the destination site will likely have tracking. So, only your search activity is private, but once you leave there are no privacy guarantees, and you should ensure to read the privacy policy of the destination website before engaging in extensive activity on the site.

Thorgate does NOT do any of the following:

Thorgate private search uses the minimum amount of code to submit the user's search term to the Bing search API, and display the results retruned by the service. No information other than the keyword is collected or sent to Bing.