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About Thorgate

I started Thorgate because I was tired of seeing cluttered search results that showed a lot of stuff for which I did not ask. Over the years I tried using other private search engines which usually start with good intentions, but eventually end up incorporating ads and tracking (even if it is minimal). Thorgate is meant to fill that gap.

The Thorgate search page results are Bing results but stripped off any personalization. The Thorgate website passes no data to Bing other than the search query. These results are as clean as they come.

I would like Thorgate to be the most private way to search, so I don't even have analytics tags, or external JavaScript libraries. The only information I have is how many API calls are made in a given period--that could be from one user or a thousand users.

Some things to keep in mind...

If you'd like to contact me, please send an email to info at