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If you have questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact me. For privacy related questions you can check the Privacy Policy page.

What information does Thorgate track?

Thorgate does not track or record any user information. This website does not even have traffic analytics software to track visitors and visitor behavior.

Where does Thorgate get its search results?

Thorgate search results are obtained using the Bing Search API. Thorgate does not collect nor does it pass any information to Bing other than the search term.

How does Thorgate make money?

It does not. Thorgate is operated by a single person, but is supported by a few organizations and donations from users. The support and donations pay for hosting, and search engine API costs.

Why does Thorgate only display the first ten pages of results?

Due to the cost of using the Bing Search API, it is necessary to limit the search results to the first ten pages. In the future, if the donations are sufficient, or there is a kind benefactor that offers to cover the costs then the results can be expanded to beyond the first ten pages.

Why does Thorgate not have many of the features that other search engines do?

The goal of Thorgate is to provide a private search experience, and not necessarily to have a ?complete? search solution. But, I will be working on new features and adding them to the site functionality as time permits.