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Domaining Services

When buying domains (and after one or more have been purchased), there are a few fundamental services which become necessary. Below, you will find a list of all the services necessary to help acquire a domain, and utilize it to a reasonable extent.

Domain Escrow

Like any other escrow service, domain escrow services provide a means for exchanging goods, in exchange for money in a safe manner, allowing buyers and sellers to complete their transaction with the help of an intermediary, which holds onto the funds while the item purchased is being transferred to the buyer.

Domain escrow services operate in the same fashion: The buyer will deposit the agreed up on price in an escrow account, and once the funds have been verified, the seller will transfer the domain to the new buyer. Once the buyer has verified receipt of the domain, she will release the funds to the seller.

Two of the main and most trusted escrow services are listed below:

Website Design & Development

Once you have a domain, there are a few things that it can be used for: 1. it can be parked to generate ad revenue 2. it can be held for future sale 3. it can be used for an email address 4. it can be developed into a website. The most common use for a domain is for the establishment of a website. Website design and development services can be as simple as using a service which offers ready-made templates to choose from, along with hosting services that are all combined to provide an easy-to-use offering which only cost a few dollars per month to start; or, they can be custom designed, and developed projects which can cost tens of thousands (and even more) dollars. For the purposes of this website, the assumption is that you are either brand new to the world of domains and websites, or an experienced veteran. If you are a veteran then this section is most likely not useful to you, so the below list of website launch and hosting services are aimed at the novice audience.


If you use any of the above design & development services, the hosting of the site will be bundled in with the monthly fee; however, if you are looking to go your own way, and develop your own site, or have a custom project developed by a company, there are several companies (listed below) which provide a great variety of web hosting services for almost every need.


Domain parking has been around since the early days of domain investment, and continues to be a viable way of monetizing premium domains. For those unfamiliar with domain parking, it is the practice of using a domain to display advertising to uses who arrive at the domain by typing in the domain into the browser address bar, and visiting the domain directly. The advertisements displayed on parked domains are generally geared towards the topic to which the domain is most closely related. Domain parking works the best when the domain being used are short exact keyword match domains (with no more than one or two words). Otherwise, the chance of receiving direct traffic is much too low, and there simply will not be enough traffic to justify the cost of the yearly renewal of the domain.


If a domain is developed for a business or as any web property which aims to reach people as a primary goal, then marketing services become a crucial portion of reaching this goal. The variety of marketing services for websites can be daunting and confusing. It is tough to know what is the best way to spend marketing dollars. We will cover the major marketing and advertising avenues which are available to most, if not all, entrepreneur.

Benefits Drawbacks
Pay Per Click Advertising Virtual immediate results which can be optimized and improved over time As with any other form of advertising, it adds an ever-present load to overhead
Social Media Marketing Has the potential to reach an incredibly large audience that is highly engaged If implemented improperly and without understanding social media, it can waste a lot of time and money
Affiliate Marketing Harnesses the reach and audience of other successful online marketers It is not ideal for businesses that have no (or few) repeat customers, as most of the money earned during the initial sale is paid out to the affiliate
Search Engine Optimization If implemented properly, SEO can provide long-term sustainable traffic with high conversions It is a slow process to get the high organic rankings, and shortcuts and tricks only result in short-lived gains
Content Marketing Builds brand awareness and creates a stream of targeted traffic that grows over time Low-end content and improper implementation of a content strategy can result in a lot of wasted money with little or no results
Email Marketing Has the potential to drive very high levels of conversion Without proper collection methods, and opt-in processes, email marketing will produce undesirable results