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Why are certain domains more valuable than others?

There are a lot of considerations that go into the valuation of a domain. At the most basic level, single-word domains tend to be more valuable, because they are easy to remember, and make for an easy branding opportunity.

How much is my domain worth?

We have a domain valuation services, so if you have a domain (or a portfolio of domains), please feel free to contact Thorgate to get your domain valuation.

What is a premium domain?

Premium domains are generally single word domains (or ones with two words) which are specific keywords, or highly brandable.

What are your brokerage fees and commissions?

Our brokerage fees and commissions are below that of the entire industry at 12%; however, we reserve the right to refuse representation for domains which we feel would not be a good candidate for a brokerage deal.

Which escrow service do you use?

Like most of the domaining industry, Thorgate uses Escrow for handling the escrow process.

Which TLDs do you predominantly work with?

Thorgate works predominantly with .COMs; however, depending on the domain we may also consider .ORG, .NET, .XYZ, and .IO TLDs.

What is a domain lease?

Premium domains which cost more than you might be able to afford may be available for leasing (with an option to purchase), so even if the domain price is out of your budget range, contact Thorgate to inquire about possible leasing availability.