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Domain Valuation

Domain valuation is important for both buyers and sellers. True valuation of a domain should be done by a professional, and cannot be performed with automated tools-at least not with great accuracy. This is not to say that automated valuation tools are not useful, but they should not be used as the be all and end all of domain valuation. We'll mention a couple of valuation tools below.

Pricing a domain can be tricky business. Whether you are trying to buy a domain or figure out what a fair value for your own domains would be, Thorgate can help guide you along this path.

There are a variety of tools which attempt to automate the process of domain valuation; however, an algorithm can only do so much, and is especially ill-adapted to pricing a domain which might be the perfect branding opportunity but have little or no value based on traditional valuation metrics.

End user consulting and recommendations are the most important part of domain acquisition, as buyers can easily end up overpaying for a domain or simply not getting the best domain possible for the budget available.

In addition to buyer valuations, Thorgate provides portfolio and single-domain valuation services. Whether you have a single-high value domain, or a large collection of .COMs, Thorgate will work on establishing a fair wholesale and retail value for your domain or portfolio.

If you have any questions about Thorgate's domain valuation services, please feel free to contact us.

How to Valuate a Domain

Domain valuation can be a confusing process, as sometimes common sense does not match up with the reality of demand for a domain; however, often, a well-crafted valuation will be reasonably reliable. The most important factor of valuation is figuring out how many different uses a domain might have, and consequently how many potential buyers there might be. The more possible uses, and the more potential interested parties the higher the value of the domain.

Things to consider when appraising a domain are: