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Domain Registration

Domain registration is something that has become very commonplace, and there are a variety of reputable registrars offering competitively priced domain registration, and a plethora of related services; however, picking the right registrar is far from finding the cheapest price.

Things to Consider

When it is time to buy your first domain, it is important to figure out what your goal for the domain is, and what you are looking to get out of it. The most basic considerations when looking to buy a domain are:

Price: Generally, pricing is not much different from the mainstream providers, and the services and support are seemingly similar, but a closer look reveals lack of security, usability shortfalls, and inadequate customer service. Even though there is not a lot of interaction that most customers will need to have with their registrar, it is important to know that you can reach someone knowledgeable if the need arises.

Figure out what is important to you, and select the registrar that best complements your requirements.

Service Variety: Many registrars offer more than just domain registration, and make sure to develop their services in a way which make it easy for newcomers to register a domain, and set up a website and email. On the other hand, there are registrars which focus on providing just one basic service, domain registration, and support the registrations and their customers with highly personal attention. Of course, in such cases the prices may be higher, but the pricing is reflected in the quality of service being offered.

Security: Security means more than just having a good password for your account. There are always nefarious actors who are looking to get a hold of valuable domains, so many registrars have put in place safeguards which prevent (or at least reduce the risk of) domain theft. At the least, a domain registrar should offer two-factor authentication for logging into your account. This prevents unauthorized logins, even if your password is compromised. Other safeguards are more sophisticated, and are designed to prevent social engineering attacks whereupon the attacker will pose as the account owner and use public and private information to get pass the safeguards put in place to protect user identity and products.

Recommended Domain Registrars

Domain Registrars to Avoid

Even though most registrars perform an adequate job at providing registration services, and other related offerings; however, there are a handful which seem to be stuck in the past, and do not invest in updating their outward facing technology, and leave users with an ancient (in technological terms) interface. Furthermore, some of them make it very difficult to move your domains away from the registrar, inserting many unnecessary steps which make the process cumbersome. So, keep away from any registrars not listed above, and your experience will be usually without turmoil.