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Development & Marketing

We are a picky about the projects we take on, but are open to considering projects big and small. If you have a domain which you would like to develop and market, please contact Thorgate, and we will work with you to determine the best course of action for design, development, and marketing of your website.

We work with clients to not only flush out their ideas, but to also make recommendations to take project in completely new directions. From content recommendations to development and publication, Thorgate can take care of the entire process. We prefer to work with a close relationship to clients in order to turn out the best work possible, but can work independently to extract the most value from a high-end domain.

Search Engine Optimization & Consulting

Once a website has had its initial launch, then comes the important work of getting to the top of search engines. Even though our development process will establish an extremely robust foundation for good rankings, there will still be the need for professionally managed search engine optimization work to help get the best possible rankings, and the maintenance thereof.

Many domains go unused because owners are apprehensive about taking on the often overwhelming task of development and marketing. Our experience in both arenas, as well as our extended capabilities through our partnerships allows Thorgate to make the process of domain monetization less intimidating, and allow domain owners to do more than just park their assets for paltry type-in traffic.

Contact us to learn more about how your premium domain can be transformed into a money-making entity.