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Domain Acquisition & Consulting

Thorgate offers domain acquisition, and consulting services for individuals and companies who are interested in making an investment in premium domains, either as an end to itself, in order to develop a company around the domain, or improve the web presence of their existing company.

We provide our years of experience in the realm of domain acquisition, and search engine marketing to help clients acquire the best domain possible, for the most equitable price for the today's market.

Feel free to contact us with your needs and requirements and we will get back in touch with you to inform you whether we see a good fit between your goals and our capabilities.

The domain acquisition provided by Thorgate is comprised of a full suite of services which are designed to help those looking to make an investment in high value domains make the best decision possible based on available information.

Domain Acquisition Services

Buying premium domains is not as straightforward as registering a new domain, and it can become doubly complicated when the domain has not been used in a while and is not being actively marketed to potential buyers. Thorgate can help eliminate the confusion of this process, and based on your budget guide you along the right path of achieving domain acquisition goal.

As part of this process, Thorgate will work on verifying ownership, and getting the most up-to-date information possible on the domain owner. Older domains which have changed hands multiple times, or have not been used in a long time end up in a state of limbo where the ownership is not readily apparent and may require extensive research until the true owner is uncovered.

Trademark Infringement Research & Consulting

In some cases a domain which is the target of acquisition may have risk related to its possible trademark infringement, so it is a good idea to do proper vetting of any such possibility. Thorgate will help do thorough research and provide buyers a document detailing the possible legal issues which the subject domain can have.

Price Recommendations & Purchase Negotiations

Once the client is ready to make a purchase, Thorgate will recommend a fair market price, and work to achieve a final price as close to that recommendation as possible. It is important to allow a third-party broker to lead the negotiations as it removes the element of emotionality and rash decisions not entirely based on logical reasoning.

If you have any questions about our domain acquisition services, please feel free to contact Thorgate.